Applications and gadgets for language/text translation

6 kwietnia 2015

Even if we know a foreign language fluently, it can happen to translate the text that is difficult to understand, or simply we lack the time to translate it and we need the professional translation in writing. There are many translators available on the internet on a computer or mobile devices and it is hard to choose help of one of them.

Usually, they differ in vocabulary and the functions of translating the text from the image. Thanks to devices such as OCR application it is possible. Scanning and insertion of the file to conversion can take some time, meanwhile using the devices created to translate from the picture it can be done quickly. Scan in a form of a photo can easily be converted into text and thus it can be translated.  Unfortunately, during the conversion to text and during translation error occurs. An alternative to OCR is WorldPenScan X, which enables instant wireless scanning of the text. The main feature of the device is the ability to scan and recognize text written in different languages and in different fonts. Scanned text is sent to the mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows Phone), that translates content of the text. There are many applications of WorldPenScan beginning from life situations eg. the restaurant to technical text or scientific book translation. The device can be hooked into computer by a cable. Siri in the iPhone 4S is the competitor. This is an amazing application that allows you to recognize speech and converts it into text and vice versa. Thanks to these properties we can use Siri as a translator that processes a heard text into any language.

Another device you can easily  use to translate texts, regardless the complexity, is ECTACO Partner LUX 2. A small gadget immediately translates whatever you want. The electronic translator is an advanced device with an easy-to-use interface in the form of a touch screen and a keyboard. It works in two directions translating speech from Polish into English and vice versa using wifi (network access). It can also translate a typed text and reproduce the text by voice. Additional function is photo conversion into a text and it's translation. Similarly working device is even smaller, measuring just four by four centimetres SIGMO. A unique feature of this translator is access to translate in 25 languages. Discreet, efficient gadget will give you access to knowledge regardless the circumstances,  because it copes not only with translation of a small talk in real time, but also with technical and specialistic language.

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