Tips for technical translators

13 maja 2015

- Do not treat language rules as a limitation, but fully use given opportunities. Treat language rules as the best, most expensive, cutting-edge IT tool to make money as a translator, that you received for free and you can use at will. Use all the capabilities offered by this amazing program. Learn it well and enjoy all the benefits it offers.

- Write what you want to write. Write what you think. While writing follow your mind and use language as a tool. As a translator, you know very well that you can use different tools to write the same thought. The same content / thought you can write not only in different languages, but also in many different ways in each of these languages.

- How do you write? We ask this question only in the context of understanding the message by a recipient that we transmit. Write what you want to express, but in a way that will surely be understandable for the recipient. You know well what will be understood and what can be perceived as strange and incomprehensible. Always follow your intuition and in case of doubt, check if used phrase occurs in contemporary texts, dictionaries, the Internet.

- How do you say? Ask this question  even more often.  Just as in the case of questions about how do you write,  follow your intuition and your knowledge of the language and in case of doubt use the search engines and dictionaries. Check the actual usage of the phrase in the texts already written by someone. (In such cases never use translators, online dictionaries, online translations because  these are the tools with limited language, creating artificial links of words based on algorithms/ mathematical formulas and this has nothing to do with the real language).  Always remember the recipient of a message. He needs to understand what you write, so you must use the same language code. You cannot invent new combinations, new language phrases, because you are not a poet but a technical translator. (Read about the technical style in section on recruiting translators).

- Read what you wrote. Even if you do not have time for it to read your translation after a few days to gain distance to the text. Always read your text.

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