What translations to avoid?

27 maja 2015

Before we give our text to be translated, we would like to make sure that it will be well translated. So we should give it to a professional translator. We have to be a little careful. We had here such an example of a simultaneous interpreter who described himself in such a way, that no one could trust his recommendations.  Fortunately, he removed his writing from the internet as a result of our intervention. Maybe someone will send us another negative example for sharing. I do warn- not everything that is published on the internet is the proof of professionalism.

It seems to us that a trust worthy translation agency is the agency that has interesting website, creates unique texts, cares about online image and on the basis of subjective feelings is worth to recommend.

Prices for translation services.

While surfing the internet you can easily see that the prices offered by the Translation agencies on  company websites vary depending on many factors. You should carefully read the offer on the website and with greater amount of text it does not hurt to ask for a discount. Moreover, the term billing page is interpreted in many ways what introduces a lot of confusion.

A billing page can contain any number of characters. For a sign we assume every visible printed signs (letters, punctuation, numbers, hyphens, etc.) and justified by sentence structure gaps between them. The most common given numbers are 1800, 1600, 1500, 1250. The cheapest translation comes out from many characters on the page,  IQ-arius recommend to arrange with an interpreter for standard page containing 1800 characters.

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